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Too much good stuff going on in real life, I can’t keep up with everything! So this blog has moved to. If you want to know how a fat old bird gets on with her first half marathon, please go to

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Another run in the bag

Oops, I totally forgot to post yesterday! Well, it was a rest day, so nothing much to report; did a 2-mile walk at lunchtime, burned a total of 2,254 calories over the course of the day, consumed 1,357, so a deficit of 897 – lower than my target of 1000, mission failed 😳 But, chances are I will claw most, if not all, of that missing 103 today. It sounds very drab, talking about food in terms of calories. Much better to think of it in terms of a gammon steak with egg, oven chips and beans, and a glass of wine, which was my rather tasty dinner last night!
Just back home after my run this evening. The schedule today called for a 30-minute easy run, which I duly delivered πŸ™‚ 7.5km pace, so a smidgeon under 4km. 7.5km used to be my threshold pace. Then parkrun happened and I realised I can go much faster than I thought! So, time to push myself that bit harder!
Meanwhile, in my euphoria over my parkrun time, I wrote a rambling e-mail to Women’s Running magazine. The assistant editor e-mailed me today; they want to run an edited version of my letter in the magazine, and hold my details on file for a potential feature in a future magazine 😱 I won’t hold my breath because I’m sure they get loads of other stories too, but you never know…
Anyway, food-wise it’s been a good day. Fruit for breakfast, fish pie followed by sugar-free jelly for lunch, a Twirl for afternoon snack (Gasp! Chocolate? On a diet? Well, no, I’m not on a diet, I’m eating more sensibly, and exercising, so I can still have those little treats – I run because chocolate and wine exist!)
Dinner this evening is a Thai curry (ready meal, another no-no as far as the fuss-bucket nannies are concerned, but I want something quick! It’s low calorie and not laden with salt, sugar or e-numbers, so I’m OK with it!), followed by 0% natural yoghurt and a sugar-free jelly, and a small glass of something alcoholic.
My calories in for the day will be 1,523, calories out 2,862.
Goals achieved!

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I’m sure there’s something I was meant to do tonight….

That moment when you’re really into your stride, feeling good, and the suddenly remember you have less than an hour in which to get to the car, drive home and pick up your Click & Collect supermarket order!!
Left work a bit late, headed to the gym and started my 50-minute treadmill run at about 6.25pm. After my confidence boost at Parkrun on Saturday, I boosted the pace a bit: tonight’s format was supposed to be 15 minutes easy, 21 minutes of 2 minutes fast, 1 minute easy intervals, then easy to the end. Somewhere during the intervals I suddenly thought ‘Tescos’!!! (‘other supermarkets are available’πŸ˜‚), checked the watch and realised I was going to have to bail out early. Got to the end on the intervals, then joggged to the car, drove to the supermarket, got the shopping, parked up at home and did the last bit of my run on the local pavements before I unpacked the shopping!! The shopping’s all put away now, you’ll be pleased to know…
Meanwhile, I had a banana and an apricot for breakfast; cottage pie for lunch (the boss said it smelled like school dinners); sugar free jellies as snacks, and then chocolate happened, in the form of a Twirl πŸ™„ (let’s face it, the reason I am running is because chocolate and wine exist). Soon I will have a low fat Thai curry for dinner, followed by some fat free yoghurt, and some wine ☺️.
1,670 calories consumed

Minimum 2,925 calories expended

1,255 calorie deficit

50 minutes of running done

Goals achieved!

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Setting goals

Took a walk around town the other day, and while doing so, my mind wondered to thoughts of goal setting and attainment. I hadn’t expected to have a good result on the scales that day, but I did, and I think it’s partly because, while I felt like I’d not been ‘good’ on a couple of days, I was on the whole sticking to my daily target. So I have concluded that that’s where my focus should lie – on achieving those daily targets. And everything should then just fall into place.  
So, my targets are as follows:
I am aiming to reach a minimum of 2017 miles as recorded on my Fitbit, between 1/1/17 and 31/12/17.
Of this, I am aiming for at least 750 of this to be running miles.
The total target equates to 39 miles per week. That is the lowest level target I can set because daily miles are affected by other commitments so some days I know I’ll only get in 2 or 3 miles, on other days I can get in 10 or more. My daily target is, effectively, my training schedule.
Weight-wise, I would ultimately like to lose between 5 and 6 stone, with at least 4 stone gone by 1 October, and at least 2 stone by 14 May. That’s 1.5lb a week.
Because middle-age and under-active thyroid appear to be conspiring against me in the metabolism stakes, I’m working on the basis that a calorie deficit of at least 1000 calories will help me achieve my overall aims.
So, whilst I keep my overall goals in mind, my focus is on the daily calorie deficit, and the training run my schedule says I should do.

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Oh no!! Chocolate biscuits!!😳

Uh-oh. Chocolate biscuits happened today :-(. Current forecast is that I will be 450 calories over my limit today. Good job I did that run yesterday and had 500 calories less than my limit.
A rest day today so nothing too strenuous, just a walk at lunchtime. Breakfast and lunch the same as before, fruit and chicken. Tonight’s dinner is bangers and mash, possibly my favourite dinner. Using Heck Chicken Italia low-fat sausages, of course!
Although I weighed myself on 1st Jan, tomorrow sees the ‘relaunch’ of Fat Club at work – three of us all wanting to lose weight are gathering tomorrow and every Friday, to weigh in. So tomorrow will set my official ‘starting weight’. Looking forward to it in a bizarre way!

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Day 4; still alive

It’s been a good day today!
Breakfast and dinner were much the same as yesterday; fruit for breakfast and chicken for lunch. I did sneak in a Cadbury’s Twirl as well, though 😳
Straight to the gym after work; I’ve never seen it so packed, must be all those New Year’s resolutions!! Managed to find a free treadmill, though, and did a 5.5 mile run. Just got to build up a further 7.6 miles by May😲
Evening meal was a ready meal, lamb and chicken koftas. Yes, I know the food nannies would be up in arms about ready meals but it’s late and I want something that’s ready to eat quickly. Treated myself to desert too, some sugar-free jelly and 0% fat natural yoghurt. And a glass of wine.
And all that food comes to 1400 calories. Meanwhile, my Fitbit says I have burnt over 3000. And the day’s or over yet!! Rest days are nice, but exercise days are so satisfying mathematically

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Too. Much. Chocolate.

So, the day got off to a good start; up early and straight out for a run, 3.3 miles, then back home for a breakfast of a couple of slices of toast with a slither of honey. Then a bit of lounging around as I am a bit behind on the book for Book Club, which meets on Tuesday. 
Despite the rain, I thought I’d get a little more exercise by walking to Tesco to get some food that is neither crisp-based or chocolate-based. A bit of chicken for lunch, and a low-calorie Thai curry ready-meal for dinner. 
And then I felt a bit peckish between meals. And there are still Pringles and chocolates in the house….
I will end the day with my calories eaten bring about 200 calories less than my calories burnt, which would be great but I seem to need to have a deficit of more than 500 to lose weight; middle age and hypothyroidism seem to have slowed my metabolism considerably!
Ah well, maybe I’ll fair better tomorrow. At least there are a few less Pringles in the house to tempt me further…

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